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2012 Stress Vermindering met Hartcoherentie

Research findings

Both clinical research as well as field studies suggest that heart coherence training has an impressive effect on reducing stress symptoms. These results are based on evaluations stretching six to twelve weeks from the start of the training. They include stress reduction at the emotional, mental, and the physical level with a positive effect on social functioning and productivity.

Emotional: In a study covering 3129 participants in heart coherence training, it was found that feelings such as fear, anger, and depression, had decreased by 50% by the end of the training.11 When using the techniques consistently stress symptoms were reduced even further.12

Mental: In a laboratory experiment with thirty participants it has been shown that in a state of heart coherence the brain can perform tasks that require concentration and categorization more efficiently. The higher the level of coherence the better is the cognitive performance.13

Physical: Among participants of a study covering a few British companies the physical symptoms of stress had been reduced significantly as a result of the training. Among managers the percentage that said to suffer substantially from palpitation decreased from 47% to 25% in about three months. Over the same period, the symptoms of physical tension fell from 41% to 6% and insomnia from 34% to 6%. Moreover, their bloodpressure was reduced significantly as well, comparable to a weightloss of about ten kilograms! 14

Social: One effect that has been seen consistently as a result of heart coherence training is an improvement in relationships both privately as professionally.15 One example is a study conducted among 980 high school students in the US. The group that had received the training had become more aware of the feelings of others and experienced less social friction compared to the control group.16

Productivity: At a government agency where 58 employees participated in a heart coherence training the productivity of the whole organisation rose by 4% in just six weeks.17 In another study the yearly healthcare expenditures per employee had declined by 1179 $ as result of the training.18